The End | Moving Out


Hello. Today’s the day I’m packing my bags and leaving this space. This is the last post you’ll be seeing here, and chances are, I won’t be back ever again.

Actually, the reason why we’re moving is… we have our own space now! And just for the coming days/weeks/month, it’s going to look pretty much the same as it does here. We just want to start fresh, but everything’s still the same–moved in the old blog posts and all that jazz. Moving into a self-hosted WordPress blog just felt like the proper next step after being here for 6 years.
Has it been 6 years? Even I can’t believe I’ve been here this long. It was a fun ride. I hope you had fun too.

We moved into as of earlier today, and I’m looking forward to more fun things to do behind and in front of the new site. Feel free to come follow me there again.

See you when I see you!

365inasnap Turns 6

1220Happy birthday to you and me! We’re 6 years old today!
And, of course, I feel the need to mock myself just to not let it go over my head; the picture behind the text is actually the first photo ever uploaded to this blog. Surprise!

The first plan to celebrate turning 6 (which is also the rough equivalent of going to elementary school) was to upload a YouTube video, but then I thought otherwise. Let’s leave the YouTube blogging to the true-blue vloggers: Kingsley,  Zoella, Megan Batoon, and Regina Belmonte. You get the idea. I’m actually awkward in front of a camera; there are more instances that I’m taking pictures of other people than other people are taking photos of me. On some occasions I spot a photo where–surprise!–I’m included, and it’s a welcome change. Change is good. :)

Anyway, I would like to thank each and every one of you–all 28-plus thousand who’ve been here since we started, in this same room, 6 years ago. I started to blog when I changed degrees in college, and I’ve experienced a lot of things since. To be able to share all of them–from the mundane to the thought-provoking–on my own terms, has been quite an adventure. Not only do I get to test my writing skills on you guys, but I also see the world in different perspectives because of comments placed here, elsewhere, and in person. With that, I thank y’all. Thanks for putting up with me and my constant promise to blog better and post more often, and failing through and through. Sorry na.

The past year has been a little blog-less (what?)  as of late, and it’s mostly because I spent time investing in myself, like getting an education so I can carry on with blogging better. This year is still open and ripe for stories, challenges and change; a lot of things can still happen.

This year, however, one of the bigger changes we’re looking into is moving out of WordPress. The truth of the matter is that this has been in the air for the past few weeks/months but I haven’t taken it seriously until recently. There’s a chance I’m moving to tumblr–I have the domain set and everything. The entire blog will move, and this WordPress space will be set to private permanently. (Also: If you haven’t seen it yet, is now under lock and key.) I’m not leaving anything behind either, and I can’t; there is no denying something that has always been yours. My story has always been mine, triumphs and all, so I don’t find any sense in “starting over” in a new place. No offense to those who do this to their blogs; I just don’t see it that way. 365inasnap is pretty much the biggest notebook I have in my collection. I’m also holding onto the fact that this place will live long enough until I get married, have kids, raise them, until they turn into teenagers and get to read this at the proper time. Umaasa talaga ako; huwag ka. Hahaha!!

Once again: thank you so much for going through this “journey” with me. There will be more to come, of course. :)

Would you like to go back in time? Here’s Blog Post #1, and anniversary 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Have a great day!

Why I Left.

1219 The inner fibers of the soul are amazing little things in themselves. We have no idea where they are, and we barely see them, but these fibers teach us to go in the directions we have always been intended to go.
Interesting, eh?

Unbeknownst to my parental (namely, my mother), I had one incredibly smart-slash-risky gamble which involves me and my day job: I am now not involved with my day job. My father–being the pragmatist that he is–did not bother scolding me with things like, “bakit wala kang lilipatan” or “anong gagawin mo, uupo ka lang sa bahay?” Rather, he looked at me with an expression of wonder and amusement on his face. Wonder, perhaps because he knows I lack the balls to do something like this; and amusement, that I grew a pair and did something like this.
And ever since the day after Tax Day, I’ve been at home, studying up on what could be.

If I could give a piece of advice to the universe right now, it would be simple: work in Sales at least once. I’ve read about that before, and I’ve come to see why. Sales people are (unfortunately) looked down upon half the time they are seen, and thank goodness that hasn’t happened to me in my stint. Selling something is good practice in selling one’s self in the near future; heck, we do it every day. I’m writing this blog post in my trusty laptop, and here you are grazing your eyeballs across your screens, reading up on me. Sino ba naman ako, most especially if you are a reader and we haven’t meet each other, ever. Bottomline: you’re reading up on me. And there we go.

Sales teaches a lot of lessons you can’t get anywhere else. Just as in life, there are just some things we have to experience for ourselves. Rejection. Betrayal. Distrust. Praise. Commendations. The joy of closing a deal. The high when someone tells you “you did a good job,” or even “you’re the person to beat.” It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride of lessons, most of which my wide-eyed self was willing to embark on.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned was the *magic* of audacity. Audacity is a double-edged sword, a miracle drug: use it sparingly, and it will get you places. Overdoze on audacity and you may rub the world the wrong way. So far, so good. All this time I’ve been wondering how the “successful” made it, and the answer was right in my face all this time. They told the universe exactly what it was they wanted, and there it was: they had it.

But Ina, why did you really leave?
I left for reasons rational (for my standards). My body was ready to give up on me since February, not being able to handle the four-hour daily commute. I did endure the commute with very little complaint, but it’s another thing altogether when your body fails you. The mind can push the body, but sometimes even our limbs take over and collapse. Or get run over on, or just decide to fall off vans. (True story.) All else was because of the money (I’m spending US$120 for fare alone, per month). And the rest I would rather keep under lock and key, and only have a handful of people know.

Where we go from here is an adventure. I’ve been looking forward to becoming an illustrator or a graphic designer, whichever way it does. I’d love to draw for a living, though, and I’m hoping it is humanly possible to do so. Who knows; I could be wrong.

Then again, what if I could be right, right?

Winds of Change

So much has changed in the span of a few months. One day the air is clean and fresh; the next day the dust clouds your throat and lungs, and you could barely breathe.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks and months since we last met, and I too have been gone living my life offline. It seems that whatever it is they say about being in your twenties has never held or spoken more truth for me more than in this moment: it will leave you confused. This is a decade rich in experience, in triumph and mistakes, rich in life lessons I never learn unless I try them one by one.

I’m 24 now. And by next year, I’ll be a quarter of a century old, a quarter of my life already lived, love, and written in other people’s minds and perceptions of me. Even right now, as I type in my home office at 1 AM, I am a story in someone else’s head. The truth of the matter is that I could care less what kind of story it is. But I want you to know: I am here. Life’s ribbons are rushing in my core, and we’re passing it from one person to the next. Everyone is a face, a memory, a story, an anecdote; it validates our existence. No matter if the story is good or bad; either way, there’s a chance that I am not sorry that you know me the way you did. We have no time to waste, no time to pretend to be fake friends; be genuine, just for once.

Audacity is one of my central characteristics now. Malayo ang nararating ng kapal ng mukha, sabi ng boss ko. That statement my colleagues and I heard, and have taken to heart since. There is something astounding and impressive about a person who knows how to think outside of the box (or even consider that the box itself does not exist) and is fearless in stepping out of normal boundaries and comfort zones. One doesn’t get audacity;  rather it’s a skill crafted and learned. To be audacious is to take on a daunting task for the hell of it: fail, and it’s charged to experience. Win, and it is an achievement. Looking at life in that perspective helps in pushing me a long way–and attitude-wise, a long way it has been.

People with substance, dreams, goals, and aspirations, are now the type of people I like hanging out with. Perhaps it’s the environment I’ve exposed myself into: I dove headfirst into a place of movers and shakers, not mere talkers and thinkers. The set of people I’ve come to see and interact with, are now the kind of people I like. They are people who know that ambitions are dreams with deadlines, and are ruthless and shameless and will go leaps and bounds to achieve what they can. Honestly speaking, I have yet to go to a meeting, and see a dispassionate person seated across me. Every single one of them had their goals set, and were on the way to execute them. Talking to them helps fuel the gears in my head. They are all helping me see what I can do, and know how far my dreams can go. (I too, have dreams I want to accomplish. Thanks.)

And yet, there is so much change in the air for me to even comprehend. It’s a welcome, necessary change. Life shifts its gears from time to time, just to remind me how the world really works. Prioritize what matters to you: focus on your parents and let go of the phone. Choose home cooked food over fast food, and never give up on the things you desire. Dream. Never rest. If you rest, rest easy. But never rest so much you’ll never want to visit your office cubicle again… unless that’s your thing, then go ahead!

Life, you beautiful bastard. I can never get enough of you.

How are you?