Domain Name. 365inasnap was primarily intended to be a photoblog (think Project365) to document a day in my life for the longevity that this blog shall exist. It obviously grew into something more, and turned from a mere daily side project into a passion-filled one. The domain really means Everyday Ina Takes Pictures (365 +  Ina + snap), which is currently untrue. (Huhubels.)

Blog Content. This is a blog that runs on three things: love, passion, and coffee. I create majority (between 90% and 95%) of what you see here. Some of the things I didn’t make are some pictures, the fonts on the headers, and some Photoshop filters I used. Otherwise, I did it. If you’re interested in guest posting, feel free to let me know; I’d love to hear from you.

Blog Comments. All comments require moderation prior to being made public. They’re all reviewed and replied to in one way or another. If your comment wasn’t published, it means it was not approved.

The comments field is also filtered not to accept curse words because there may be minors (and worse, my future children) who will see this and read this page.

Spam comments are most unwelcome here. But people carrying Spam with bacon, eggs, and rice, are free to hang.

Sponsorships. There are currently no paid or sponsored blog posts in this blog. We don’t have advertising, either. The number of views you see here are organically made, meaning you really do drop by to come see me from time to time. Thank you very much, I appreciate the love. :)

My line of work means that I receive things from time to time, which I also post here. I’m not obliged to blog about them; it’s all on my own accord.

Any and all of my opinion is not affected by my affiliations to the brands or companies I post in this blog.

Thanks for your support! :)

Spit it and shake it out

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