The End | Moving Out


Hello. Today’s the day I’m packing my bags and leaving this space. This is the last post you’ll be seeing here, and chances are, I won’t be back ever again.

Actually, the reason why we’re moving is… we have our own space now! And just for the coming days/weeks/month, it’s going to look pretty much the same as it does here. We just want to start fresh, but everything’s still the same–moved in the old blog posts and all that jazz. Moving into a self-hosted WordPress blog just felt like the proper next step after being here for 6 years.
Has it been 6 years? Even I can’t believe I’ve been here this long. It was a fun ride. I hope you had fun too.

We moved into as of earlier today, and I’m looking forward to more fun things to do behind and in front of the new site. Feel free to come follow me there again.

See you when I see you!

Spit it and shake it out

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