365inasnap Goes to Preschool (365inasnap is 5)

Dear Reader,

Today, we are five.

I have a nagging feeling that I said the exact same thing last year, how this blog is the rough equivalent of a child going to preschool considering how old this place is. At five, it’s probably still up and running (though haphazardly and actively at the same time) because I enjoy writing here from time to time. It’s a good kind of exhale from the everyday routine of work-life-sleep, and something new to the mix of things I do on the side. :) I was planning on buying a domain name for this place, but then things happen, priorities shift, and things must be put on hold for a while. But hello, I’m still here, just like how you have been here twenty-six thousand-plus times before.

First of all, I want to thank you for staying and being patient even if I basically leave you up in the air when I don’t even want to. The technology shift is coming down on me, and I find the presence of gadgets to be an annoyance sometimes. I miss having trusty old entry-level Canon cameras to rely on, edit the blog’s pictures on Photoshop, and upload them here. However, this time around I really do disconnect on the weekends or try to touch Klaritz as less as possible. (I’m typing this on an iPad, so…)

And even with all this in place, you’re still here. Reading. I’ve stopped SEO-ing each blog post because I want to rebrand this blog before buying a domain, so I’m 85% sure that you’re here on your own accord, and not because Google told you to go here. It is on that note that I find your presence comforting, that I am still validated to a point and I don’t have to experience these problems alone.

Next, I just want you to stay longer. Stay with me longer. I mean, we’re not probably the best of friends–but if we are, hey there!–but I know this place gravitates to you for a reason. Sana, nakakarelate ka din sa mga hinaing ko, of which I wish I could pour out all of them here, but I cannot. Tiisan na lang muna tayo ha, hahaha!!

I want you to know I don’t fake it. My life is what it is. Perhaps you think buhay mayaman ‘to; this is my definition of normal. We are in a constant state of change, and we’ve gone from living in an apartment to having a house and a car, pretty soon we’ll all be chronicling my life as I strike it out on my own and live by myself. (Not yet now, though; sorry.) So, stay awhile. If I bore you, then feel free to go. If I stimulate you, do stay.

Last, I guess we can all expect this year to be a better one. Last year was a true beating in all aspects, so I want this to be the comeback year for everything I was basically deprived of previously. Expect better from me. Expect more from this blog, and expect happier things to come our way. We’ve been together this long. Nothing could possibly go wrong. /Poet levels

Keep coming back from time to time, okay? I’m just around, either here or at the doodle blog.

Keep enjoying your stay. :)


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