An On A Final Note…

Alright–I’ve now finally come up-to-date with all the photos I have missed this week.
And right now, odds are we’re even.

This blog is turning one year old in like, less than a week, I think.
I can’t believe it, either.

All right, I’m going to have to thank you, too.
I know this is just my sort of time capsule, but I appreciate the fact that there are people interested in looking/reading about my otherwise mundane existence.

Seriously! I’m just like you–just like everyone else.
The ‘choir girl’ status would be the only thing that would set me apart from a lot of chicks. [Giggle]
Yes, I’m serious.

Right now I’m looking at the terms you guys are looking for in this page.
“akira liwanag”, chancelina chaps, how to spend your summer wisely, fakakta, hair chopped.

Akira was this guy [you heard me] I go to class with. I attended a freshman class back in June, and he was part of their block.
He’s this brainchild [I think] of a clique they named Fakakta.

Obviously, I am running by the online username chancelina. Which–like what Alvin told me ages back, sounds like a name for a Pokemon, like Pikachu.
“Chancelina, I choose you!” The boys at the back row would say.
Guys. I got nothing on a yellow thing that gives electric shocks. Really. :)

Lastly, how to spend your summer wisely?
Here’s a tip: don’t go for academic summer school, you’ll be dead by April. [I know I am.]
Swim a lot, but don’t go overboard, since we don’t want any roasted people in this place.
And just have fun, like you’re having, right now.

Now go get up and walk away.
You ought to be outside hitting the shit instead of being a grump, reading my blog. :D

I’m just telling you guys what’s good for you, I’m not pushing you away.
If you want to stay… then be my guest. :)

Spit it and shake it out

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